JPrOS 2022 Annual Meeting – 20th Anniversary Project –

at 9:30 PM JST / 2:30 PM CEST / 5:30 AM PDT

Top-Down Proteomics


Joseph A. Loo

(University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

Mowei Zhou

(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, U.S.A.)

David Tabb

(Pasteur Institute, France)


Andreas Tholey

(Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany)

Yasushi Ishihama

(Kyoto University, Japan)

About the Webinar

Nobuaki Takemori, organizer

(Ehime University, Japan) 


Top-down proteomics, which enables large-scale analysis of proteoforms, is rapidly attracting interest among researchers in various life science fields. In this webinar, world-leading researchers in top-down proteomics and proteoform research will introduce their latest findings and discuss how top-down proteomics will be promoted in Japan.

What is proteoform analysis? Can’t bottom-up proteomics alone be used for analysis?

Dr. Ishihama (Kyoto University) will introduce proteoform research from the perspective of bottom-up proteomics and explain the importance of top-down proteomics in comprehensive proteoform analysis.

What technologies are needed to conduct top-down proteomics studies?

Dr. Tholey (CAU) will explain state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and intact protein separation techniques that enable top-down proteomics and present examples of in-depth proteoform analysis using top-down proteomics techniques.

How are proteoforms identified from top-down mass spectrometry data?

Dr. Tabb (Pasteur Institute) will introduce the principles of and required resources for top-down MS data analysis and will present examples of actual data analysis and explain how proteoforms are identified in an easy-to-understand manner.

What about analysis of entire protein complexes?

Top-down proteomics can even be combined with native mass spectrometry to analyze the entire structure of a protein complex. Dr. Zhou (PNNL) will present the principles of this newest technique, called native top-down proteomics, and its application to plant research.

What are the future prospects for this new and powerful proteomics research in the field of medicine?

Attempts to use top-down proteomics for human disease research have also begun. Dr. Loo (UCLA), a pioneer in this field, will tell us what top-down proteomics research has accomplished so far and what challenges lie ahead.

Time Table

Time (JST)






Nobuaki Takemori

Ehime Univ

Opening Remarks

Yasushi Ishihama

Kyoto Univ

Protein terminome-centric proteoform analysis is a xeel train ride really a good deal?



Andreas Tholey


Top-down proteomics: an (exciting) challenge for bioanalytical chemistry!

David Tabb

Pasteur Institute

Identifying proteoforms from top-down MS/MS: is one search enough?

Mowei Zhou


Dissecting unknown and heterogenous plant proteins by native top-down mass spectrometry

Joseph A Loo


Applying native top-down mass spectrometry in structural biology and neurodegenerative disease research

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